Kenny Potts

INJURY: C4,5,6, C5 burst fracture. C4,5,6 fused together with a plate.

HOBBIES: Outdoor activities, snow skiing, camping, goofing around with my RC car

INTERESTS: Motocross, UFC, rebuilding my truck

PASSIONS: I am very passionate about regaining my physical body. I train 6-7 days a week. Regaining my independence is very important.

HOW HAS/DOES CORE AFFECT YOUR LIFE? I've been training at CORE since December 2014, and boy has my strength and endurance changed in 7 months. CORE has given me the opportunities to experience Red Bull Wings for Life World Run. ...Braunability's Indy Car Race Day, Snow skiing with fellow CORE attendees. The staff is keeping me focused on achieving my goals and giving me the positive support I need to move forward. Thank you CORE for giving me this opportunity...

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Instagram: k_potts86

acebook: Finish Strong Kenny Potts