What makes our Training Special?

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The Center of Restorative Exercise designs every Restorative Exercise training program based on our System of Function. For the body to function at its best all 7 components of exercise must be applied in a comprehensive and holistic manner. It is the weakness in each of these 7 components which are often responsible for many degenerative conditions which impair the bodies optimal function.  The Restorative Exercise Specialists at C.O.R.E. comprehensively evaluate these areas of function and develop a customized training program to improve a C.O.R.E. clients ability to perform optimally in all 7 components of the system of function.  

The 7 components of the system of function are:

Musculoskeletal Conditioning:

After training with our Restorative Exercise Specialists you will see improvements in your muscular strength, endurance, and power, as well as improvements to your muscular stability. Beyond the obvious benefits of increased strength and endurance, having a optimal level of musculoskeletal conditioning can help to prevent injuries from overuse, disuse, and misuse of the body which come from muscular imbalance and weakness. Most importantly being at your optimal level of muscular conditioning will allow you to improve the quality of the activities you take part in your daily life. 


Our highly individualized flexibility program is customized to your goals and will help the connective tissue of your body to become less stiff and become pliable so that you can increase your range of motion. Improved flexibility allows for improved circulation to break up many of the problems associated with the vicious pain/spasm cycle associated with inflexibility, and helps to prevent and correct issues associated with poor posture.


Our Restorative Exercise Specialists will customize a cardiovascular training program based on your specific needs and ability level. Cardiovascular exercise will help you to  decrease your fatigue, improve your endurance in your everyday life and in recreational activities. Cardiovascular exercise helps to reduce your risk/reverse the effects of hypertension, non-insulin dependent diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and obesity. 

Balance and Stability

Our goal is that you can achieve a state of muscle balance and structural alignment that will allow all of your joints, muscles, and nerves to function as efficiently as possible. Ideally in all aspects of your life you will sit, stand, and walk tall. With improved balance and stability your performance in day to day and athletic life will be improved and your risk of injury will be significantly reduced. 


During our daily lives we all have different holding positions throughout the day. One common example is the posture you might hold while working on the computer. Over time our bodies adapt to these positions and often times inflexibility, weakness, and pain develop from the repetitive strain of holding ourselves in these misaligned postures. Your Restorative Exercise Specialist will work with you to identify the postural deviations that you have and work with you to correct and improve your posture.

Gait Mechanics

Walking is an important skill of human movement but when injury, weakness, imbalance, and inflexibility happen it can have negative effect on living a full and active life. Our experience in gait training will help you improve your comfort when moving, your efficiency of movement, and your confidence in your ability to move effectively. We also have comprehensive walking programs to optimize and develop persons with decreased mobility due to an injury or condition such as spinal cord injury, stroke, or other neuromuscular conditions based on individual potential recovery. 


Our ultimate goal for all of the people who train at C.O.R.E. is to maximize their ability to live their lives to their full potential. As your training progresses we will help you take the improvements to your strength, posture, balance, gait, cardiovascular health, and flexibility and apply them toward your performance goals. It doesn't matter what your goal is whether it's to lose weight, get stronger, be more independent, recover from an injury or medical condition, or just to look and feel better, we are dedicated to your performance goals and building you to the point where you can accomplish them.