“Having a C.O.R.E. facility is beyond words. I have a place to go where the equipment is highly accessible and very beneficial to my specific needs. I am able to surround myself with other people in similar positions that are working hard to overcome their challenges.”

 - Mike McNamara, blood clot in spinal cord C-7

“I know I speak for Mike, as well as his entire extended loving family, when I emphatically state that C.O.R.E. facility is the best of all possible ‘worlds’ for Mike and other SCI, stroke or other similar catastrophic injury clients. C.O.R.E. facility is the front-runner for the ‘true’ as well as ‘model’ restorative environment.”

- Robert McNamara, father of Mike McNamara

“With access to a C.O.R.E. facility and the expertise of trained clinicians, I would have avoided 30 years of a downward spiral in my ability to function. The prescribed treatment for my condition was knee replacement and prescriptive anti-inflammatory medications. With continued restorative exercise, I am walking and living relatively pain free… without surgery.”

 - Susan Sorenson, advanced degenerative joint disease 

“Restorative Exercise has helped me face this challenge and improve my strength, balance and overall health as I work to gain a full recovery… It takes a certain skill and expertise to understand and work with my type of injury and a place like C.O.R.E. is a necessity.”

- Troy Brown, C-5 spinal cord injury

“For a cure to be efficacious, restorative exercise must be a part of the treatment plan both before and after administered treatment.

 - Dr. Hans Keirstead, Ph.D. Reeve-Irvine Research Center at the University of California, Irvine

“Without C.O.R.E. there is no opportunity for me to progress.”

 - Tom Bolewski, C – 4/5 Quadriplegic  

“Although I haven’t come in to C.O.R.E. enough to say how the facility has affected my life I can say that it is comforting to know such a place is readily available to me. I do look forward to coming in frequently and as Taylor has told me, “the hardest part is walking through the door.” I am nothing less than grateful for his and everyone else’s help.”

 - Mo Rahmati, Multiple Sclerosis

“C.O.R.E. is the complete embodiment of progression. In my experience, C.O.R.E. contains all the elements of recovery, positivity, knowledge, and progression under one roof. This is the unique experience that is Aaron and Laquita, and the progressive culture they call C.O.R.E. Aaron Baker is a hero to me – a man who walks the walk and brings everyone with him on his mission to rise above! With the “everything is possible” mindset of C.O.R.E, the knowledge pool in both equipment and the human experience within their team, and the encouraging and positive community which surrounds and empowers all who enter, CORE is forward movement.”

 - Grant Korgan, L-1 burst fracture, spinal cord injury


“There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude I feel for having C.O.R.E. in my life. It IS the center of restorative exercise and so much more. It has restored my soul, renewed my faith in the good in people, and above all has inspired me to move above and beyond anything I thought was ever possible. Core phrases that they instill in their clients is the “Power of Positivity” and the inspiration to “Rise Above!” Both the exceptional staff and clientele understand the need to triumph over trauma and chaos that life intermittently throws your way. This is the place to be if you’re ready to move! My motto is: Get through it, get over it, and get ON with it!”

 - Olivia Almalel, T-10 spinal cord injury


“I am a retired senior citizen in my late seventies, with osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. When I came into the Center of Restorative Exercise, I had poor posture with a somewhat jutting – forward head position, and I used a cane for anything longer than a 50 foot walk. I had constant left knee pain and limped. On long walks with a cane, my right hip would begin to ache, and sometimes the left hip a bit too. I would have to sit down every so often. I also have cervical spondylosis in my neck, and arthritis in my wrists. One leg is over an inch shorter than the other, due to a bent knee and incomplete recovery of range of motion, after a 1957 knee operation to remove a piece of broken cartilage.

As years went by, osteoarthritis developed in that knee, causing joint deformation, a bent leg, and bone on bone pain. Another arthroscopic operation about 1984 was done to scrape and smooth the arthritis inside the knee. Gradually I got into a vicious cycle of what the Center calls “Disuse Deconditioning Syndrome”, and little desire to engage in physical activity. I have not had a knee replacement operation. If I need to walk extensively, I can still opt to use a rolling chair/walker, however, my cane is now in the back seat of my car, and I don’t think about using the cane unless I know there is going to be a long walk.

The periodic re-assessments of my exercise program have resulted in appropriate, gradual changes and improvements in my posture, gait, endurance, and strength. I can carry on my daily activities with better energy and success. Strengthening bones is another goal.

The initial assessment, and the individual instruction and supervision has made all the difference in my improvement. I am monitored for health, diet, hydration, sleep and other changes. I do pool exercises in between my twice a week visits to the Center.

The Center of Restorative Exercise is a very inspiring, positive, and inclusive place, which is helping people with any sort of physical challenge to improve and enhance their lives.”

- Janice G. 


“Its hard to ponder what the consequences have been from the lack of a place I could go to receive ongoing Restorative Exercise outside of the hospital; and how much more my recovery may have progressed if I did not face the long lapse of time in between my allotted rehab visits from my insurance company, which eventually ceased.”


C.O.R.E. is able to remove that question… “What if I was able to exercise more, would I have regained more abilities?”

 - Andrew Skinner, C – 4/5/6 Quadriplegic


“Hospital rehabilitation taught me how to live in a wheelchair – getting out of one was never mentioned.”

- Mike Fritschner, Surfers Myelopathy


“CORE has been a life changer for me. I’ve been to quite a few rehab facilities since being injured in 2007, but nothing like CORE. They have a completely different and refreshing approach to rehabilitation. They walk me through everything step by step which I very much appreciate, and tell me what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and the outcome we’re hoping to achieve, which of course is to get up and out of this chair and walking.

Everyone that rolls or walks through that door at CORE is amazing in their own right and I’m just pumped to be part of the CORE family. Aaron and Laquita are all really important people in my life and I know that they’ve each been through quite a lot to make this whole dream of CORE a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your dream into a reality!”

 - Tara Llanes, T-12, L-1 spinal cord injury