Members will begin at C.O.R.E. with a comprehensive evaluation and program design. Recommendations for the frequency of one on one training sessions will be made. Hour training sessions can then be scheduled with a Restorative Exercise Advisor, or Restorative Exercise Specialist, who will take you through the phases of a progressive Restorative Exercise training program. Additional restorative wellness services are offered in addition to our training programs.  

General membership - $59


  • Anytime access during operating hours
  • Equipment Orientation.

2 Hour Initial Evaluation and Program Design - $275

C.O.R.E. members begin with a comprehensive subjective and objective evaluation which will allow our Restorative Exercise Advisors/Specialists to develop a customized training plan tailored to your exact needs based on your fitness level and condition. During your evaluation you will develop and set both long term and short term goals for your training at C.O.R.E.. After your evaluation your Restorative Exercise Advisors/Specialist will develop your Restorative Exercise training program or independent training program and make recommendations for training frequency based on your evaluation. 

1 Hour Restorative Exercise Advisor Training Session  - $90

After your evaluation, your Certified Restorative Exercise Advisor will take you through your customized training program. Programming may include components of exercise such as stretching, manual resistance exercise, cardio, resistance exercise, balance training, postural training, performance training, and standing.  Your REA will teach you proper form and technique to exercise safely and effectively. During your training your REA will provide education so that you can develop a greater understanding of your own physical health and to foster greater exercise independence.  As you progress through your exercise program, and improve your Restorative Exercise Advisor will periodically as needed develop new training programs to help you progress toward your health goals.

1 Hour Restorative Exercise Specialist Training Session - $125

Restorative Exercise Specialists are available to those who are looking to take their training and health to the next level. Our Restorative Exercise Specialists excel at the art of health management. They have mastered the system and learned from the top exercise academics. Each of our RES's are highly experienced with years of experience and/or post graduate education. Your Restorative Exercise Specialist is an expert problem solver with a broad range of experience who is able to achieve results even with the most complicated cases. 

Please inquire for discount packages.

Restorative Services Available

  • Myofacial Release
  • Therapeutic  Massage

For more information about membership/training costs or to schedule an evaluation please contact us. 

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