Jennifer Bou Lahoud

NAME:  Jennifer Bou Lahoud

TITLE: Student, USC

INJURY/CONDITION: Spinal Cord Injury T-10/11

HOBBIES/INTERESTS/PASSIONS: Basketball, Cycling, Swimming, Comedy and Action Movies, Reading, Laughing 

HOW HAS/DOES C.O.R.E. AFFECT YOUR LIFE? CORE has not only helps me get closer to my goal of walking again but it has supported me emotional and mentally. CORE is not just a gym; it brings people closer and has become a community. We all can turn to each other for support and encouragement.  I am eternally grateful to CORE and all it has done for my family and me. 

IN YOUR HER WORDS... I am a fighter. And one quote that inspires me daily and keeps me going when I am down is: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go-so long as you do not stop.”-Confucius