Andy Bray

NAME: Andy Bray    

TITLE: dog or wolf… depending on when I last shaved. ;)

INJURY/CONDITION: T-4/5 paraplegia 

HOBBIES/INTERESTS/PASSIONS: Yoga, martial arts, ancient history, modern history, politics, UFOlogy, shamanism, art, mythology, science and philosophy.   

HOW HAS/DOES C.O.R.E. AFFECT YOUR LIFE? Firstly, C.O.R.E. is constant reminder and inspiration to me that dreams do come true - as I have been very close with Aaron and Laquita since our rehab days in Northridge Hospital Medical Center. Over the years we remained close and through our mutual friendship with Tayor-Kevin Isaacs, I watched their vision grow to fruition. To me, C.O.R.E. also represents a feeling of vitality and uplift to the disabled community in the SFV. When I do commit to a regular schedule of strength training… I feel greatly empowered and so much less fatigued all of which compliments my yoga & meditation practices. :)