Bob Thomas


TITLE/OCCUPATION: Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, Retired Masonry Contractor, Former President of the Masonry Institute of America, Member of the 17th Airborne Division in WWII.

Reason for Attending C.O.R.E.
To diminish the unfavorable degenerative changes associated with aging and to get back to living an active unrestricted life.


HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Bob is an avid golfer. He enjoys watching, playing and discussing strategies involving golf. He also loves to bake and make apple butter which is a tradition that runs deep in the family. He has won many ribbons at the L.A. County Fair for his White Bread, Wheat Bread and Apple Butter.

Bob has also been in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) since 1966.  He attends meetings twice a week. He also stopped smoking a year later.  He has said many times, “I am so glad I stopped when I did”.

 At 64, never having been a runner, Bob decided he wanted to run a marathon so he joined LA Road Runners and ran a half marathon.  At 65, he ran the full marathon.  He would have continued running but a knee injury put an end to that.

Bob loves the beauty of nature.  He and his second wife had a beautiful garden and many people came to enjoy and paint in their garden. He often comments on the beauty he sees as we travel in the car. He is very observant of his surroundings.

One of his sayings is, “Life is what you make it”.   He has a positive attitude.  He enjoys interacting with people and often sits on his front porch and enjoys the flowers and people that come by.        


Bob is able to be mobile and enjoy his life.  They work with him to give him the skills he needs to keep active and the interaction with all the team members adds to his love of life.  They truly care for him and it shows as soon as he walks in the door and  hears, “Hi Bob, how are you?”, and continues as they work and encourage him to be the best he can be.