Michael Portzen


-Photography, I enjoy taking outdoor photographs of landscapes, wilderness, and trees.
-I also collect black and white photos of football players, these photos consists of famous football players shot in an extreme play. My favorite back and white photo is when Bart Starr made a touchdown in the ice bowl in the year 1967.
-A passion of mine has always been guitar playing- was in several bands over the course of time. I started playing when he I was ajunior high school all the way through college. Type of music I played was the blues and classic rock!!

-Favorite team is the Green bay Packers. I wear a Green bay Packers shirt every day to CORE.  I have been a fan for my entire life. My favorite player Paul Hornung.

-Interested in Airplanes so that lead me to my first job as a photographer. My first job was a flight test photographer at Lockheed. I have been in the back of planes while sooting photos.

-I love dogs and Ive had them my entire life.

-I prefer to watch older movies in black and white. My favorite black and white movie is Citizen Kane, made in the year 1939.

HOW HAS/DOES C.O.R.E. AFFECT YOUR LIFE? -It has given me hope that I will make progress to recover. I have become more positive throughout the process. I keep consistently coming to sessions, even when I do not feel like coming. I have seen improvements and that is what keeps me going. Core will also help me with my long term goal with achieving the ability to play the guitar again.!!