Alex Jimenez

NAME: Alex Jimenez

CONDITION: T5 incomplete paraplegic

INTERESTS/PASSIONS: Music, Literature, Education, Nature and Physical Fitness

IN HIS OWN WORDS: CORE has created a fully accessible, adapted, safe and unique gym for disabled individuals of any and all abilities. The friendly and encouraging atmosphere that has been built through the help of each client and trainer provides the perfect environment for each member to test and expand their limits and abilities. My life has been undoubtedly enhanced since I've started to attend CORE. From my strength and independence, to my return of sensation and mobility; the people at CORE and the facility and services they provide have played a vital role in the process of regaining control of my life through physical fitness. I can't thank the people at CORE enough for their selflessness and dedication to myself and my recovery as well as the recovery of my peers.