Marilyn Dennis

Marilyn Dennis is our first featured Client of 2018! We are very proud to recognize and highlight her hard work and commitment to her road of recovery. Marilyn has gained confidence in her ability to not only climb stairs, but compete in marathons! Rise Above.
Marilyn Dennis COTM.jpg

Retired special education teacher - "I was a Resource Specialist Teacher at Edison Elementary School in Burbank, Ca. for 30 years."

"I had a stroke November 6, 2015. It affected the right side of my body. I had to learn to walk and speak clearly all over again. I had physical, occupational and speech therapy. Physical therapy lasted the longest, over 1 year. In October 2016 I joined the USC 5k program that meets every Thursday at the Rose Bowl. There the emphasis is on walking. It has helped me tremendously and last March I competed in the 5k marathon at Dodger Stadium and completed it! I'm going to participate again this year.

I joined C.O.R.E. last September - C.O.R.E. has helped me strengthen myself a lot! I meet with my Restorative Exercise Specialist, Natalie Corbet, one hour a week and spend another hour or two on my independent program. I am working on walking and balance as well as strength. So far my ability to go up and down stairs with no hand rail has greatly improved."