Grant Korgan

TITLE: Korg 3.0 Movement, Author/Speaker/Athlete



HOW HAS/DOES C.O.R.E. AFFECT YOUR LIFE? C.O.R.E. is the complete embodiment of progression.  In my experience, C.O.R.E. contains all the elements of recovery, positivity, knowledge, and progression under one roof.  This is the unique experience that is Aaron, Laquita, Taylor, and the progressive culture they call C.O.R.E.   Aaron Baker is a hero to me - a man who walks the walk and brings everyone with him on his mission to rise above!  With the "everything is possible" mindset of C.O.R.E, the knowledge pool in both equipment and the human experience within their team, and the encouraging and positive community which surrounds and empowers all who enter, CORE is forward movement.