Kimberly Totolo

Title:  Special Events Coordinator - Nonprofits

Condition/Injury: Achondroplasia, Spinal Stenosis/SCI 1992

Hobbies/Interests/Passions: Music, Movies, Photography, Art, Road trips, Observing & Learning, Socializing & Laughing .. all to the best of my ability & beyond. 

How Has/Does CORE Affect Your Life?  C.O.R.E has not only been my center for restoring my fitness regime but restoring my faith in when one door closes another one opens, literally - 

On Jan. 4, 2013 when I rolled into C.O.R.E.  my faith that I can become the best of my ability was reenergized.  KEY ;  When you have the proper exercise program designed for you, exercise equipment accessible to you , that stress is gone & it allows you to give more time to concentrate & work on your physical & mental being which then allows you to better enjoy the other aspects of your everyday life.  


Plus, the supportive system of everyone (CORE Crew & Clients) is invaluable & there is never a day I  leave feeling uninspired.