Cynthia Ramirez

TITLE: Mother/Cosmetologist/Hair-Stylist/Disability Rights Advocate

INJURY: Spinal Cord Injury / Level  T12 Incomplete- June 1st 2008

HOBBIES/INTERESTS/PASSIONS: I love Exercise, Fitness & Health Advocacy, Adaptive Recreation Activities, Wellness- Mind, Body & Spirit Fashion, Fashion Design, Photography, Modeling, Music, Travel, Reading & Writing all subjects.

HOW DOES C.O.R.E. AFFECT YOUR LIFE? S.P.I.R.I.T... I try to find STRENGTH physically and emotionally by working out (at CORE) and staying active by participating in recreational/social activities. PERSEVERANCE gotta "keep it moving” in all areas of life, especially exercise... Very Important! INDEPENDENCE, I try to do something new that I couldn’t do or haven’t learned to do yet to become more and  more independent each day... I surprise myself often! REHABILITATE, stay focus and motivate and work hard during my “walking” therapy sessions and workouts... All in a day’s work, I hope to be INSPIRED or inspire others. If those things have been accomplished, then I have TRIUMPH!

IN HER OWN WORDS: After my injury, what helps me “keep it moving” is my  daughter Brianna & my S.P.I.R.I.T. I always say I will not be defeated by my disability! I face life with a positive attitude and try to get the most out of each day. I am currently pursuing a career in Fashion and working on making my entrepreneur dreams into a reality.

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January 4, 2014



Cynthia Ramirez is an outgoing, positive and cheerful person who always lends a bright smile. Pair that with a relentless exercise regimen and hard work and it makes for one kick ass female! A member for over two years, Cynthia has become an integral part of the C.O.R.E. family and not only does she show up for her regular routine, but also for any event (camera in tow!) that C.O.R.E. holds.

Although the past two years seem to have passed by in a snap, Cynthia says, "I have to stop and think about this period of time and how everything about my life has changed; I feel the improvement in my health, rehabilitation, way of living and social life."

She explains, “I keep coming to C.O.R.E. and keep up with my exercises because I love the feeling of satisfaction I get when my body is active as well as when my body is feeling sore from a great cardio work out! Just knowing that I’m doing something healthy for myself, by myself, to improve myself, is an incredibly empowering feeling. C.O.R.E. has become one of the places where I feel more like myself, than anywhere else.”

Cynthia continues, “I know that at any time I can come here independently, use the exercise equipment with minimum assistance, be on my own and get a good work out in. And, at the same time, I know that I will catch up and bump into friends who inspire and motivate me. A chance to be involved with my peers is absolutely priceless!

Moreover, Cynthia herself has recognized that her body has changed tremendously. She admits, “I’m much more active now:  my endurance and strength has grown. I have also worked on my body mechanics, posture, flexibility and a walking program. One of my goals is to continue to push on with my bracing walking program to increase the number of steps I’m taking and the amount of time I endure while standing. I believe in my abilities and C.O.R.E. plays a huge part in helping me achieve these goals physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Thank you Cynthia – we love watching you soar as you #RiseAbove!