Barbara Llanes

TITLE: Retired Mom with an AMAZING daughter named Tara

INJURY/CONDITION: About 8 years ago I had a knee replacement and didn't receive proper physical therapy initially, which caused me to walk with a bent knee.  Being busy with others things I didn't even realize how gradually it was causing my posture and bodily alignment to get completely off.  Walking with a bent knee caused me to bend at the hips when I walked and over time, this not only aggravated my knees and hips but also my back.  I reached a point a few years ago where I couldn't stand or walk for more that 15 minutes without having quite a bit of back pain. This led to deterioration and arthritis in my hips causing me to have both hips replaced. So yes, now I'm bionic and set of all the alarms at LAX!!!

Aaron and his family came into our lives and then opened C.O.R.E. and we knew what an amazing place it was, but it was so far away, I never really considered it, plus I also thought it was for spinal cord injury.  While joining my daughter there for her sessions, I realized there were other people there without spinal cord injury that were also being helped.  With some sweet persuasion from my daughter, next thing I knew I was at C.O.R.E. for an evaluation with Taylor and going to C.O.R.E. three times a week.


INTERESTS/HOBBIES:  I've always enjoyed the outdoors and sports ever since I was little and got to have a second childhood when I  coached my daughter and her friends in some of the sport I had enjoyed myself.

I really enjoy  bicycling of any type.  I did the Aids ride from San Francisco to LA twice and enjoy mountain biking.  I also enjoy camping and traveling.


HOW HAS C.O.R.E. IMPACTED YOUR LIFE? After driving from Orange County to C.O.R.E. three times a week for a year I realize it was well worth the time and effort.  The people are amazing there!!  Taylor and his "Taylor-isms" always got me through the day!! I worked with Doug most of the time and we bonded and will always have a special friendship.  Everyone there makes it fun to go and they all feel like a family.  My left knee is VERY close to straight, I stand straight now and have gotten so much stronger on both sides and feel more evened out.  I am walking 30 min. 2-3 times a week without any pain and actually enjoy it since I'm walking pretty normal.  


Now that I have "graduated" from C.O.R.E. I still have my programs to do Mon.-Wed.-Fri.  I just don't have to be on the road 3-5 hours to do it.  WooHoo!!  But I do miss seeing everyone and it's only been a week!  Before C.O.R.E. I felt 20 years older than my age, now I feel 20 years younger than my age - so I think that means I've gain 40 years back!!!  Not bad, heh!  ( Had to get a little Canadian in there for my Canadian Daughter in Law!!) 


Love you all at C.O.R.E.