Shawn Malone

Shawn_M (2).png

TITLE: Student

INJURY/CONDITION: T.B.I. (Traumatic Brain Injury)

INTERESTS/HOBBIES:  I enjoy hiking, snowboarding & Spartan races. Since my injury I have started to hike again, but have yet to snowboard or enter any Spartan races. Hopefully soon! I look forward to paddle boarding in the near future. I love movies & recently have enjoyed some TV series. I’m in my senior year at U.S.C. with only four classes left to graduate. Since my injury & experiencing the healing of God I’ve had an encounter with Jesus Christ. HE is my Lord & Savior.

HOW HAS C.O.R.E. IMPACTED YOUR LIFE? CORE has been so helpful with my physical recovery. Taylor through his training methods & encouragement has helped me regain quality body balance & core strength. My walking is returning to normal. CORE has been a real difference-maker!