Gino Alfonso - Macauley

TITLE: Student / Athlete 

INJURY/CONDITION: Cervical Disk Herniations, Degenerative Disk Disease 

HOBBIES/INTERESTS/PASSIONS: I am an mechanical engineering student at california state university: northridge. I race go karts at a national/international level and hope to continue climbing the ladder to get into full sized cars. 


I was recently in a bad karting accident during a race at the Modesto Grand Prix. I tapped a barrier, flipped, and was ejected from the go kart. This ended up causing herniations in my cervical spine and was told by doctors that I need to stop racing. I told them that's not possible I have too much passion to stop pursuing my dream. C.O.R.E. is helping me realign my posture, strengthen my neck and helping me be more aware of my body mechanics both in the race car and in regular everyday life. With everyone's help at C.O.R.E. I'm training to be ready for the race season opener of the premier SKUSA Prokart Challenge.

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