C.O.R.E.'s mission and goal is inspired by Co-Founder Aaron Baker spinal cord injury recovery, and mother and Co-Founder Laquita Dian Stovall's work with Co-Founder and Restorative Exercise Master Specialist Taylor-Kevin Isaacs. On May 26, 1999 Professional motocross race Aaron Baker crashed while practicing, breaking his 4-5-6 cervical vertebras in his neck. He was diagnosed by his neurosurgeon as a complete quadriplegic, having only a one in a million chance of regaining any function below his level of injury.


But through his intense desire to optimize his quality of life and exercise he was able to make the slow return to function and strength. After spending five months in in-patient and seven months in out-patient physical therapy the insurance company deemed Aaron rehabilitated, releasing him from any further therapy. However Aaron knew that his body was just beginning to respond. Incredibly dark days ensued. Aaron needed proper guidance and specialized therapy to meet the functional goals he knew were possible. But where and how was this to be accomplished? 

Aaron needed someone, at this point in his recovery process, that understood this. Someone with in depth knowledge of repairing a severely altered, catastrophically injured , non-functional body. Someone willing to overturn every stone in pursuit of recovery. Someone with deep compassion that could feel, respect, and understand Aaron's plight. Someone with passion and drive for excellence. Someone truly dedicated to creating a difference in Aaron's young life, as well as in others. As near impossible and tall an order as this was, his hopes and prayers were manifested in an extraordinary human being by the name of Taylor-Kevin Isaacs. Taylor studied Aaron's medical report, x-rays, and had Aaron complete a "client attitude profile". Since Aaron's accident, not one, of the many evaluations they had been through with these various professionals, came close to being as complete, detailed, and thorough as Taylor's. With all the information gathered, Taylor then designed a comprehensive program, specifically crafted to Aaron's precise condition and goals. The program design provided muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, posture, flexibility, reactive neuromuscular training, balance, and psychosocial aspects.

Two years post injury, cycling once again became a reality for Aaron the day his legs pedaled a stationary recumbent trainer. A year and a half later, Aaron was ready to ride a real bike. Although not yet able to ride unassisted, he could ride on the back of a tandem bike with Laquita in front. Laquita and Aaron became training partners. From these humble beginnings and their commitment to progress the two would go on to cycle across the United States twice promoting the power of possibility. Upon completion of his two tours, Aaron would be invited to train with the US Paralympic Cycling Team and he would go on to become the National Champion in T-1 Category in 2011. Aaron continues to challenge himself with new adventures. He recently completed a journey where he walked across Death Valley independently.   

U.S. Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, Ca. 2009

Inspired by their own experience of recovery Laquita, and Aaron wanted to create a fitness facility which could bring others the same benefits of restorative exercise that Aaron experienced. Partnering with Taylor-Kevin Isaacs they founded the Center of Restorative Exercise in Northridge California in 2011. The Center of Restorative Exercise has distinguished itself as being the most inclusive and effective adaptive fitness facility in the nation.