Sydney Greenspun

Condition: I was born with V.A.C.T.E.R.L syndrome, which caused some complications at birth.Many of my other symptoms included in the syndrome were taken care of at an early age. My leg is the most noticeable part of the syndrome. I was born without a Tibia and Fibula part of my leg, meant that I would need an above the knee prosthetic leg. I received my first prosthetic when I was 15 months old.

I came to C.O.R.E because I had grown up learning poor gait mechanics and with the help of Taylor, I am building strength in my little leg to help control my prosthetic. He is also helping me better my posture.  

Hobbies: I’m passionate for learning. I try my best to enter every situation with an open mind and theeagerness to gain something out of an experience. My favorite subjects in school are History and English. My passion is writing stories and poetry. I also dream of traveling the world, but most of all I want to go around the world to help those less fortunate than I.

How C.O.R.E changed my life: I grew up thinking I was always going to be the disabled girl who walked around with a bad limp and poor posture. This effected me on both a physical and emotional level. Once I came to CORE, something new happened. I met everyone there and immediately they became my family. Especially Taylor, who is the incredible, sensible person I work with. He has helped me gain strength and a new outlook to living a life with a challenge. Through sensible, humorous discussion and devotion I’ve never seen, CORE has really changed my life. As I work with Taylor, my eyes are now open to all the opportunities around me and he is also helping me break down all the roadblocks. Not only am I getting around better, I have a new found confidence that I could have never achieved with any other physical therapist. I have created a bond with the other trainers and their clients, who I love to cheer on as they achieve some of their goals. I admire everything C.O.R.E does and all the miracles they create with knowledge and passion.