The TKI System of Function™ stands for training, knowledge and inspiration and is an integrated, structured, personalized and progressive corrective exercise fitness regime developed to educate and improve function, independence and self efficacy. To put it simply it's designed to get the body functioning in the way that the body is designed to function. The TKI System of Function was developed by  award winning Kinesiologist/Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and former professor of Kinesiology at California State University in Northridge Taylor Kevin Isaacs.

The system is a holistic method based on the 7 important areas of training that the system covers which are Musculoskeletal Conditioning, Flexibility, Cardio, Balance and Stability, Posture, Gait Mechanics, and Performance. The system not only focuses on one area of human function but works to integrate all forms of training to fully optimize the ability of every person who trains at C.O.R.E..

The purpose of a Corrective Exercise regime is to strengthen a bodies weak links and to reinforce the strong links in order to decrease the risk of injury and to enhance physical performance.

Restorative Exercise aims to enhance a client’s function, independence and self-efficacy and also to prevent and/or reduce the secondary complications and degenerative changes that typically accompany a sedentary lifestyle or disabling condition.